Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Re:Evolution Media 2012 Talent Roster Mixtape | Drop Beats (or acid) not Bombs

I don’t normally promote the use of illegal substances on PTSL but… after listening to this mixtape I will say that the Re:Evolution Media experience would best be elevated by something psychedelic of nature. This mixtape displays the many artists that are on the Re:Evolution roster including The Nadis Warriors, Govinda, Kaminanda, Birds of Paradise (Bird of Prey + Gibson), D.V.S*, Desert Dwellers, Loyal Divide, LoBounce, Language Love, ishi, Indigo Uprising, wiZard, Ugly Lion, and the daring duo of Alex and Allyson Grey.

This music is a lot different than anything we’ve ever posted before really because its…. soo…damn… weird. Majority of the tracks on this mixtape are cool – some are too slow for my liking. My favorites are def the Harder, Better, Faster Stronger remix by Indigo Uprise and the SUPER mellow, middle eastern sounding “My Secret Room” by Govinda.

“Re:evolution media, LLC. promotes and produces live music experiences designed to expand consciousness and to connect performers and fans in the creative process. Music is the language of the universe, and as such, it serves as the ideal medium to catapult human consciousness beyond the conceptual boundaries of the written and spoken word. Re:evolution media, LLC recognizes the profound potential for transformational experience that arises with every live music performance, and we vitalize that potential through conscious intention in the promotion and production process. ”

Anyway you slice it, there’s going to be something that opens your eyes on this mixtape – if there isn’t, go ingest some fungus and see what happens.


Re:Evolution Media 2012 Talent Roster Mixtape | Drop Beats (or acid) not Bombs, 9.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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