Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Break Science – Victory | First Release off of Further Than Our Eyes Can See Album

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Maybe it is your last day before the work week kicks in, or perhaps your hunkered down in the library pouring over notes for the test you have tomorrow which you should have started studying for a month ago – either way, we’ve got you covered. Once a week takes a break from anything

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So after scouring the web for a insane amount of time I’m at a loss. Nothing has made my ears perk up particularly high so I’m forced to dig deep into the depths of my music library. Most people have heard, and enjoy, Rusko‘s music. “Johova”, is a Rusko track that is relatively mellow but

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Has the lack of snow this season got you feeling like theres global warming or possibly an armageddon is nigh? Forget all of that because Lo-Fi Bitches drops Drama Queen from the SHAX TRAX album called Twenty Twelve and this ones truly a banger if theres ever been one, this song cannot be played at low

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Fresh off the Verde Terrace mixtape, Curren$y ft. Willie the Kid provide us with Sky Miles Curren$y has been getting a lot of flak for using an unoriginal image for the mixtape cover but it seems like all the rappers…err…ASAP Rocky are doing it and when you reference teenage mutant turtles in your track i’ll

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My first post to PTSL, Older Together comes to you from a 4 producer electro group called Black Light Dinner Party, very chill for slaying fresh pow or your fav bedtime friend with benefits I hope you enjoy and I will posting more ASAP Download: Black Light Dinner Party – Older Together [Audio clip: view

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Despite having followed NiT GriT for some time, I’ve never actually featured him on PTSL. This track, “Pizza Party” is certainly unique and is probably one of the more quintessential dubstep tracks we’ve posted in a long while. “A spectacular combination of NiT GriT’s legendary sound-design and exemplary melodicism is flawlessly fused with Stephan Jacobs

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Always stoked to post about a Colorado Native, I give you the James Egbert remixes of a couple Blood on the Dance Floor tracks. Blood on The Dance floor is an… odd phenomena. I would never dream of posting one of their original track on this blog as their sound is a little too… fruity(?)

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I’m loving the Weekend remixes that have been popping up as of late. Only good things can come out of dope producers putting their spin on the soul filled vibes the Weekend emits in their tracks. This remix is done by none other then Paper Diamond of the Pretty Lights music label. The original is

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You guys loved Skrillex’s “Kyoto” ft Sirah that we posted several weeks ago… if you thought the original was dope wait until you hear the remix put together by TYR. I love most of the TYR’s version of Kyoto, though I will say there area portions of the track where it sounds like TYR tried

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The lack of snow really has me down in the dumps. I’m seriously digging this track track “Lofticries” by Purity Ring. It could be the long exhausting day I just navigated through, or perhaps its the ample amount of TCH that has curiously made it’s way into my bloodstream – whatever “it” is … “it”

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