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Music AutOmatiKs insightful Message from Mars

Music AutOmatiK is Paris based soundster Fabien G. Brillant. Signed to the ever melodic Ominim records, his debut album 'Message from Mars' could be described as IDM but there's a lot more going on here. It's laded with strings and samples and offers a cohesive and unique experience. Fabien kindly agreed to do an interview to give us a bigger picture as to where he's coming from.

The Ominim record label was set up by the creative minds of Yimino (also on the site) and they obviously know talent when they hear it. They snapped up Music AutOmatiK for his 2010 release MelotOnine. There's some glowing praise on for this release and rightly so. The opening track 'High Redemption' for starters is a superior piece of work.

Things progressed from there with the album 'Message from Mars' (2011). Strings, melody, samples and electronics merge effortlessly together to form a collage of sound. Some tracks come at you from unexpected angles and work their way into your subconscious. It's music for the mind and it'll take you somewhere different. Fabien has obviously put a great deal of thought into what he wants to achieve with his sound. His appreciation for bowed string instruments offers a unique take on electronica and it'll be interesting to see how his sound evolves from here.

Music AutOmatiK is also in our Recommended section under World Ambient / Electronica so you can listen to some of his work there. But to fully appreciate this artist you should buy his work. What follows is our interview with Fabien and relevant links...

Music AutOmatiK website

Ominim website

Music AutOmatiK Bleep link

Music AutOmatiK on facebook

Music AutOmatiK on soundcloud

Music AutOmatiK on myspace

Music AutOmatiK Interview

1. What?s the origin/meaning behind the name of your music project?

This was the name of a musical collaboration with a friend which started in 2005, but for some reasons we stopped working together and I kept this name for my solo project. In the end, this name fits very well with my creative process and he?s still a very good friend.

2. What?s your favourite instrument and/or piece of kit?

I have been obsessed for a long time by sound synthesis but the more time passes the more I?m feeling organic sounds, I can?t explain why but I?m particularly fascinated by ?vibrating strings? like bowed string instruments. If I had to choose one now, this would be the Cello.

3. What genre would you classify your sound as?

I guess people like to put a label on everything so it?s easier to identify the music.
However, it?s quite a difficult question because I want to stay free with my production and not repeat myself. I would say IDM now but that doesn?t mean much.

4. Who have been/are your main musical influences?

I?m not sure, I love too many different genres, there are probably many things that appear unconsciously in my production but I?m never sure where the influence comes from. Of course I use some vocal samples in my music but it?s purely for their sound properties, it doesn?t really reflect any influence.

5. What inspired you to start making music?

I love to listen to other artists but I needed my own stuff so I made it, it?s just as simple as that! In practice I take it very easy but that changes each time, there can be a precise or certain idea which I want to develop, an undetermined mood that I need to catch or sometimes I just wish to find harmonies which put me in an interesting place.

6. How has your sound evolved since you first started making music?

Interesting question, I wonder sometimes because of the several years of bedroom production behind me. It was always electronic based music but for some weird reason my music has become less minimalist, and perhaps, more complex in the form and more surrealistic in the background.

How can fans purchase/ gain access to your music?

They can buy it directly on the shop of my label Ominim or in most of the digital stores that you can find on the internet like Bleep for example, which is a really good one.
By the way, as with many artists, I try to let people discover and listen freely my work on my Website and on different social networks like Facebook, MySpace or Soundcloud.

7. Do you have any other music projects / collaborations?

There are some discussions about possible collaborations but nothing official for the moment. This is always pleasant to meet new people and share but I also really like my minimal configuration, and I seem to need to be alone most of the time to find new sonic spaces.

8. What?s your 5 favourite electronic albums?

It?s difficultfor me to put things on the top, there is a wide range of brilliant electronic artists and I continue to discover.

9. What?s the first album you ever bought?

Although I studied classical music from an early age, the first real album that I bought might be Thriller (Michael Jackson) or Controversy (Prince), as I presume a lot of children have, but not Stockhausen or Pierre Henry yet?

Off Topic

10. What?s your favourite film?

I?m a cinephile, or a huge consumer of film if you prefer, so I can?t answer this properly. Otherwise I?m a big fan of David Cronenberg, Federico Fellini, Larry Clark, David Lynch, Tod Browning, Abel Ferrara, Woody Allen, Mamoru Oshii, Jim Jarmusch, Jan Kounen, Gaspar No? There are so many I forget.

11. Do you have any pets and if so what do you have?

Yes, I have a cat, really nice but completely paranoid.

12. What?s your favourite place in the world?

My bed! When I manage to sleep?

13. Which person (living or deceased) do you admire the most?

Concerning the music area, it?s Erik Satie.

14. Any last words?

Tortured, synesthesia and ?p?moison?.

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