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Oshino interview and his Cosmic Mood release

Oshino aka Bryan Beckers is a young Belgian electronic music maker and art lover. Ominim records (the UK based melodic electronic label) snapped him up and what soon followed was his debut release 'Cosmic Mood'. Beats, clicks, synths and sparse vocal snippets tend to come in where you wouldn't expect them and together create a mind-bender.

Tracks like 'Shy Bird' charm with a haunting female vocal, piano tinkering, passages of synth-led moody ambience and an unusual stop start beat. 'Gemini' is another creative number. Sonic trickery morphs into a prominent beat with funky undertones. 'Tomorrow' is a look into what the future might bring with its harp motif and deep synth stabs. 'Jupiter' gives us feelings of paranoia and is both unsettling and compelling. Closing track 'The First Year' is a different kettle of fish. Synth chords predominate before a melodic riff closes the album out in style.

'Cosmic Mood' did take us a few listens to get our heads around it. But it was worth the effort. There's some great ideas at work here. I think it's worth mentioning that the music industry is saturated with artists who make music because they think it will sell. It's a breath of fresh air when someone like Oshino comes along who strives to make something that is altogether different in form and function.

Oshino kindly agreed to do an interview for us which you can check out below.

Here some Oshino links :

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Oshino Interview

1. What?s the origin/meaning behind the name of your music project?

I started mixing at the age of 15. I made mixes with old turntables I found in a brocante where the brand was "Oshino". I had several nicknames, but for 2 years, I took the name "Oshino" as a homecoming.

2. What?s your favourite instrument and/or piece of kit?

Difficult, each type of instrument has its wealth, its soul. The synths are very interesting, very rich, but nothing beats a beautiful violin line for me. Otherwise the sound of a piano Rhode always gives me the creeps.

3. What genre would you classify your sound as?

The question we hear every time. Classifying things is important to many. I have always struggled to answer this question, my inspirations come from all musical styles, there's good in everything. So in short, I often say "electronica". But I confess it is wide. We can say a mix of Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Ambient and downtempo.

4. Who have been/are your main musical influences?

They are very wide, as I said in the last question. Ever since my childhood I was captivated by the Jazz. Then I dipped a little by chance in electronics. Aphex Twin, Autechre and Plaid became my mentors. Beyond their music was their musical approach and complexity that fascinated me.

5. What inspired you to start making music?

I was always humming melodies, rhythms in my head. One day a friend came to me with Fruity Loops. It was the turning point. Just. Since then the programs have changed but the will is always the same. Thanks again friend!

6. How has your sound evolved since you first started making music?

For many years, I experienced many styles, I was still in research. Now, I think with a little more maturity and technique. My ideas are much clearer, I have evolved but I still have much to learn. I am not fully satisfied with my songs.

7. How can fans purchase/ gain access to your music?

You can get them on the site of my label Ominim Records Of course, but also on any download sites like iTunes, Bleep, Discogs etc.

8. Do you have any other music projects / collaborations?

Nothing too serious yet. I had some projects with a Hip Hop group in Belgium. But nothing serious. I like being alone when I make music. Ideas do not always come together but it is always interesting and fun. Alone, I'm free and I prefer that. Normal!

9. What?s your 5 favourite electronic albums?

- Oh, if there were only 5 ...

There, I have in mind: Richard D. James Album, Bricolage by Amon Tobin, 1983 by Flying Lotus, Ardour by Teebs and Tri Repetae by Autechre. But there are so many!

10. What?s the first album you ever bought?

The first album I bought was Drukqs by Aphex Twin. I started buying music albums late. I think I was 15 years old.

Off Topic

11. What?s your favourite film?

I'm not very cinematic indeed, there were films that impressed me but I do not ever remember the titles. Otherwise I like Caro and Jeunet films.

12. Do you have any pets and if so what do you have?

Yes, I have a mad dog and a cat, a little disturbed but I love them!

13. What?s your favourite place in the world?

The one next to my girlfriend.

14. Which person (living or deceased) do you admire the most?

My parents of course.

15. Any last words?

More Love More Gain

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