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Shipwrec - a record label looking to the future

Shipwrec is a relatively new record label from The Netherlands. Looking at the artists on offer, it's clear that their focus is on quality. Releasing on Vinyl and Digital Download, the label started in October 2010 and already has some real talent under their wing. Some names you might be familiar with include Funckarma, Applescal, Alec Empire, T.Raumschmiere, Rude 66, Coco Bryce and Stagga amongst others.

In just a few months Shipwrec have released recordings by Maarten van der Vleuten, Funckarma, Julien Mier, Einoma, Ard Bit, AstroPoser, a v/a album with Applescal, Alec Empire, T.Raumschmiere, Rude 66, Coco Bryce and Stagga. In other words quality by the shedload.

Two new EPs that have really impressed us come in the form of the artists Individualism and Inofaith.

First up is Individualism with his Kaleidoscope EP. Before we briefly discuss the EP I think it's worth mentioning that Individualism is only 17. At 16 he won a very big dutch award for his music (he's from Amsterdam) and judging from this EP I think we can expect big things from this young producer.

What first struck us about the Kaleidoscope EP is the sheer range of styles that are incorporated into the music. But what shines through is his ability to make it work. Touching on House, Jazz, Dub, Pop and Ambient this release is ambitious but he pulls it off in style. Every track is different in approach and sound which makes it all the more impressive. Forward thinking music that's almost impossible to classify.

You can listen to Individualism below

Individualism website

Here's more info below

Individualism - kaleidoscope EP [Ship07]
Kaleidoscope is the first EP by the very talented and young producer Individualsim from Amsterdam NL. Winning the Grote prijs van Nederland in 2010 is a great start and shows something special is going on. Pure and Gentle electronic music combining styles like House, Ambient, Jazz, Dub and Pop without ever being predictable. This first vinyl release features four tracks that show a great amount of creativity and the vision it takes to transform certain feelings into music. Limited to 200 copies, pressed on crystal clear vinyl.

Format: Vinyl 12" and Digital
Release date vinyl: 22-07-2011
Release date digital: 12-08-2011

Next up is Inofaith with his Dawn is Late EP. This is a deep, orchestral and mesmerising EP with some great samples. Melody is ever present and melds beautifully with the 2 step beat. I love the atmosphere he creates here. Just listen to the tracks 'Girls go to bed early' and 'Nocturne' and you'll see what I mean. A seriously good EP from a talent we'll definately be watching out for.

You can listen to Inofaith on Soundcloud below

Inofaith on Soundcloud

Here's more info below

Inofaith - Dawn is Late EP [Ship08]
Inofaith searches carefully for his own sound, and takes on the experiment with his debut 12. This EP features the tracks ?Dawn Is Late?: a very orchestral, deep piece with a very welcome 2-Step kind of beat. It follows up with ?Girls Go To Bed Early?: which illuminates a more synthetic depth of the release. The subtle resonance on the synths brings the track alive. The other side of the record starts with the enchanting, yet uplifting ?Twelve Hours?. You realise you are getting caught in the music when the feminine voice kicks in and lets you drift in circular patterns. The final track is called ?Nocturne?: calm as the title may seem, it's the most energetic and glowing track of the EP. Inspired by the atmosphere of dusk on a spring evening, it closes the EP with some cinematic movements. First run pressed on coloured vinyl, limited to 200 copies.

Format: Vinyl 12" and Digital
Release date vinyl: 29-07-2011
Release date digital: 19-08-2011

Shipwrec have a keen ear for talent and it's forward thinking labels like this that keep the other labels on their toes. If you like what you hear please support the artists. Here's some more links below...

Shipwrec website

Worldwide distribution (Vinyl + Digital)

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