Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sonic Adventure Project make a welcome return

Sonic Adventure Project excel in downtempo / ambient / chillout music. The Austrian duo made up of Peter Koellerer and Thomas Viehboeck came to light on the well-known Cafe del Mar compilation series and enhanced their reputation further with the debut album Exergonic receiving well deserved accolades. Their second album 'Who is in?' continues where their debut album left off.

Opening track 'Haze' draws us in with its precise beats, melodic undertones and subtle shifts with the overall effect emotionally saturating our ears. This track has been chosen to be part of the Le Voyage Abstrait Deluxe 2 compilation due to be released this month. Second track 'A New Morning', the title track from their A New Morning EP, reminds us of their song-writing ability with female vocals from Alex Dobner.

'Sunday Morning' has a new age edge to it and is simple but effective in its delivery. 'Hollow' slowly builds aided by vocals from Julia Noa Fischer. And 'Currents' is carried by clever use of the piano which make us reminisce of times that once were. 'Who are you', another vocal-led track is a slow-burner which grows with repeated listens.

The album really starts to comes into its own with 'Gentle Giant'. It's blissful ambience and soaring piano make it one of the album highlights. This track could even warm the coldest of hearts. 'Momentum' moves along at a steady pace with finely layered electronics and melodic undertones. Ninth track 'Sundown Dance' has beautiful melancholy at its core with a superlative piano motif throughout. This is another track that's been snapped up for the compilation Cosmic Chill lounge 5. 'The Way Home' guides us through another satisfying downtempo journey before closing track 'Peace' gives us exactly that.

Sonic Adventure Project succeed in breathing new life into the downtempo scene. The way they have carefully crafted their tracks without over-layering their sound. Sometimes less is more and it's most definately the case here. Whilst they don't break any new ground experimentally, if it ain't broke why fix it. Don't be surprised if some of these tracks are used for film and tv in the near future, in fact we'd be surprised if they're not. Because these set of songs are emotionally charged and instantly likeable they deserve a wider audience. 'Who is in?' is a sonic adventure in every sense of the word.

Album rating 9.75/10

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