Thursday, February 2, 2012

Themes for an imaginary film by Symmetry

'Themes for an imaginary film' began as a conceptual project where Johnny Jewel and Nat Walker starting exploring the more abstract leanings of their other music projects, namely Chromatics, Glass Candy, Mirage and Desire. It took three years to complete, boasts 36 tracks and clocks in at just over two hours. They began writing the music for the 2011 film 'Drive' before producers decided to go with the in demand film composer Cliff Martinez.

Released on their 'Italians do it better' label, it's clear that they have put a considerable amount of work into this album. Jewel has said in the past that he's always recording and only five percent of his output ever reaches the publics ears. And given the duos background in synth-pop, electro and disco it seems altogether appropriate that this album of synthesiser music and retro style leanings would materialise at some point.

Now it seems a number of film score offers have come since 'Drive'. Ryan Gosling (the main character in the film for anyone that needs to ask) has asked Jewel to compose a score for his directorial debut. Johnny is also in discussions about scoring a forthcoming remake of 'Logan's Run'. Exciting times for Jewel and well deserved.

You can stream the whole album below :-

Tracklisting as follows :-

01. Introduction (3:03)
02. City Of Dreams (2:33)
03. Over The Edge (5:37)
04. The Nightshift (0:51)
05. Paper Chase (3:29)
06. Outside Looking In (2:07)
07. Midnight Sun (2:29)
08. Behind The Wheel (5:29)
09. Thicker Than Blood (3:37)
10. A Sort Of Homecoming (3:33)
11. Winner Take All (3:29)
12. Death Mask (5:35)
13. Jackie?s Eyes (3:33)
14. The Fading Faces (2:15)
15. Mind Games (3:13)
16. The Maze (3:59)
17. Threshold (3:13)
18. Flashback (3:57)
19. Blood Sport (3:41)
20. Survival Instinct (2:53)
21. Hall Of Mirrors (4:11)
22. Eulogy (2:57)
23. The Messenger (3:57)
24. Love Theme (1:55)
25. Through The Gauntlet (3:41)
26. Ghost Town (4:25)
27. Cruise Control (3:24)
28. Wave Goodbye (0:63)
29. Magic Gardens (2:05)
30. An Eye For An Eye (2:03)
31. The Point Of No Return (5:55)
32. Cremation (2:53)
33. The Nightshift Reprise (1:03)
34. Memories Are Forever (6:14)
35. Echoes Of The Mind (1:21)
36. Streets Of Fire (4:53)

Total Drive Time 2 Hours 37 Seconds

Symmetry draw their influence from 80's film synthesizer music with frequent nods towards soundtrack heavyweights John Carpenter and Giorgio Moroder. But while the retro sound creates the feel of the album there's a deeper, a more futuristic electronic vibe at work here. The mood and texture they create over its two hour duration is quite something. There's moments of blissed out ambience. There's also a real sense of spaciousness. Where this album suceeds is in its abilty to conjure imagery from simple but highly effective ideas, ideas that lodge themselves and leave a deep imprint on the brain.

A stellar soundtrack to drive for the journey...just make sure it's a 2 hour one...

Album rating 9.45/10

'Themes for an imaginary film' is available now through itunes and gets a proper release on the 28th of February.

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